The 2 "R" Imperatives

Membership recruitment is about creating long-lasting relationships, engaging your prospects and proving to them why they would benefit from your association."

The quality and quantity of connectivity we have between ourselves, our members, and our potential members is crucial in establishing, maintaining, and growing a membership base that will not only keep your organization in business, but sustain your future existence."


Recruiting is the lifeblood of associations and other membership organizations. Constant, thoughtful, and targeted recruiting efforts keep the membership, donor, and staff pipelines going and ensure that organizations have a future."

What value does membership really provide?" It is critically important to any membership recruitment campaign that you answer this question first before all others. If you are not able to explain or quantify the value of membership you will be unable to develop a successful recruitment campaign. One might argue that if you are unable to answer this question, your organization has bigger problems. What are programs and services that set your organization apart from others who provide the same or similar programs or services?"


It is obvious, but needs to be said nonetheless – you need to keep your membership pot full with as little leakage as possible. To be a successful membership organisation, or even one that survives in the current environment, requires a particular mindset: “To consistently provide the products / services that members need to thrive."

The value your organization and online community offers is how you will help to solve the problems and challenges your members face. Whether through quality content, connections with experts, webinar series, or networking opportunities, the value of your organization and community will give your members a reason stay engaged. Ask yourself: What can I offer to solve my members' problems? What is the information, collaboration, or networking opportunities they need?"