Members Benefits

Added Value to Membership:

Atkins Shield provides a legal help portal for your members. has three main Help Desks: Personal & Family, Business, Brexit. Members will be able to look up their required area of law and inform themselves.


By offering to your members, you will help strengthen your Association's member support services. This will improve membership retention and recruitment. Your Association's core rationale is of course central to your members' reason for joining. Recognising that members will have requirements extending beyond that rationale enriches their engagement with your Association as a key component in their lives.

Membership Marketing: & its sister portal, will be a valuable membership benefit you can offer in your recruitment drive. It is a powerful marketing tool that can be used not only to increase membership, but also to enhance existing members' user experience. We work with individual member associations to optimise the Law-Answers experience and to build a Help Desk that responds to your members' requirements.


Your Association is geared to serving your members in the best possible way. How well you succeed can be measured in several ways, one of which is membership retention and via solicited feedback. Our research shows that an Association's management's reputation is linked to delivering services and support in areas that are important to members, including legal research and help.

The Legal Market:

The legal market is under the closest scrutiny by a range of regulators, all of whom agree that access and affordability must signifcantly improve. The same bodies also recognise that web-based solutions to be one of the critical drivers in meeting these vitally important targets. As publishers of, Atkins Shield's core principles are to improve and lower the cost of access to the law. These are the principles that we invite you to offer to your members via our on-line service.

Legal Costs:

By using our Help Desk service, members can help reduce or even eliminate their spending on legal fees. Unplanned legal expenses are at best a nuisance and at worst they can cause significant business disruption, extra unplanned cost and stress. The Help Desk function is not a substitute for legal advice, but it can save time and therefore money in getting formal legal advice. Members using the Help Desk can work out their potential legal fee savings.